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Merry Christmas

Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart...
It is Christmas morning. No remaining details to be attended to. All is silent. The soft light from the Christmas tree casts a warm glow over all that it touches, including the picture that hangs over my fireplace of Mary and her precious child. I love this picture. How many times have I kissed my babes and many other babes in such a way(oh sweet pangs of time gone by, sniffle, sniffle).
I often think of Mary at this time of year. I try to imagine what she must have been like, her goodness, her depth of heart. Greeting a newborn into this earthly world always carries with it a portion of heavenly satisfaction. How great must have been Mary's joy to hold the precious infant Jesus! To know that He was partly hers and partly Heaven's gift to the world. I am filled with gratitude for such a woman as Mary. Through her goodness and the goodness of a loving Heavenly Father, I am blessed with a Savior, a brother, a friend, a…