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Take the Bait (Not a very fancy title, my dad is a fisherman so this is what comes to mind. Love you Pops!)

(Disclaimer: Please excuse any and all photos that have been taken with my phone. I am not a photographer in any way, nor do I have the patience to sit and edit pictures-that is my mother's talent ;)

This was the first year that all of my children stayed home during their Christmas break. Usually they are off to a cousin's or Grandma's, but not this year. It was so nice to all be home together with no piano or ballet or any of the other usual activities that keep me sitting in my car for endless hours. I truly enjoyed every minute. It seems my kids are growing faster all the time and I feel the time I have with them is slipping through my fingers. I am grateful for circumstances that kept us all together this year, right up until the New Year! Which brings me to my post today. I love New Years! I love the whole Holiday season, from the gratitude that comes from Thanksgiving, to the month of focus on the greatest gift of all, Jesus Christ, with a closing of it all in celebr…