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Swimming in Habits

I live in the little town of Uintah, which is bordered on the south and west by the Weber River. A few years ago we experienced higher temperatures in the spring which resulted in a spring melt in the mountains, causing high run off to the rivers. Our little portion of the Weber River became a fast flowing, large river in a hurry. Several homes were threatened as flooding became a problem. One man explained to me that the river was trying to flow its old course that it had hollowed out many, many years before when the town had fewer homes. The memory of this event came to mind as I was reading in the book "The Power of Habit". It states that "water is the most apt analogy for how a habit works. Water hollows out for itself a channel, which grows broader and deeper; and after having ceased to flow, it resumes, when it flows again, the path traced by itself before." Like a river flows unconsciously the course that it has set for itself, so do we, as we mindlessly fo…