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To walk a peaceable walk with the children of men

Moroni 7:3-4
I have been pondering the manner and depth of my relationships on earth and my relationship with the heavens. My mind thinks a great deal many things in a day. Rarely are they ever uttered to another. I keep my thinkings mostly to myself for a few reasons. One, I do not know if my thinking is always correct. Two, I do not wish for it to be trampled on. I wonder if in doing so much keeping I am missing out on deeper, richer relationships. Then again, as I think back and I have never been the talking kind. I do not enjoy bantering conversation. I do not enjoy forcing my opinion onto others. I feel it is better to listen and learn from others and only give opinion when it is wanted. I feel like this is one way in which to walk peaceably with the children of men. To live in such a way is evidence of the hope by which is sufficient to enter into the rest of the Lord. I am a peaceable follower of Christ. The trick is remembering this in those moments when Satan has tricked me …

Leaving Life to Happenstance

I love this picture, and as you can see, I love ladybugs. This love is newfound thanks to my two year olds fascination with them. The pictures on my last post was from our yard and I took them. This one is swiped from the web. I thought it was fitting for where my thoughts have taken me and the title of todays post. Poor ladybug, now he has to turn around and find a new path.
I'm reading on the Book of Mormon about the prophet Lehi and his family. Living in Jerusalem, Lehi preaches repentance to the people. The people are angry with Lehi. The Lord instructs Lehi to gather provisions and depart with his family. Lehi obeys, escaping any harm that may have come. The lesson-protection comes through obedience.
A journey begins for Lehi and his family. How did they know where to go? Like the ladybug in the picture, if they left life and their journey up to happenstance, where would they end up? Lehi sought in prayer the way for them to go. There are lessons all through out the scriptu…

Have some of life's experiences taken from you a believing heart?

The definition of the word believe: to have confidence in the truth, the existence, or the reliability of something, although without absolute proof that one is right in doing so.
It is my belief that we come to this earth with a believing heart. Then through life's experiences a hardening takes place. For some this happens early in life. For others, including myself, it happens a little at a time as life fills up with stuff. Stuff that may include unnecessary things as well as good and right things such as children.
Since this is my journey, I'll tell of that which applies to me in hopes it applies to others as well.
As a young mother my heart was very believing. It was at this time that my testimony of the gospel was solidified. I chose to stay home when my first was born. She was such a great baby. She followed a sleeping and eating schedule to a "t". This left me free time which I could spend studying the scriptures and reading words from the leaders of my chu…

On the Road to Damascus-time to move forward

Hello! This template seems appropriate for my new blog, the one in which I hope to reach out into this technology world and share my love of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I have not dared enter this world of technology until now. Why? It began with a season change and my Husbands love of the Golf game. How on earth does this relate? I shall tell you, if you decide to read on. I am a simple woman, girl(I'll never grow up completely). I am a wife and a mother. This is all I do. Recently when asked what are my hobbies, they were few. I began to watch my Husband and his hobby of golf. He loves the game of Golf! Enough to read about it, watch it, and learn new techniques to better his skills. Not only does he appreciate the game itself, but he also embraces the world of golf which means taking in the rules and mannerisms of self control and respect for the beauty of the course and for the other players. Watching him, I began to question: What am I interested in that could compare? I beg…