On the Road to Damascus-time to move forward

Hello! This template seems appropriate for my new blog, the one in which I hope to reach out into this technology world and share my love of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I have not dared enter this world of technology until now. Why? It began with a season change and my Husbands love of the Golf game. How on earth does this relate? I shall tell you, if you decide to read on. I am a simple woman, girl(I'll never grow up completely). I am a wife and a mother. This is all I do. Recently when asked what are my hobbies, they were few. I began to watch my Husband and his hobby of golf. He loves the game of Golf! Enough to read about it, watch it, and learn new techniques to better his skills. Not only does he appreciate the game itself, but he also embraces the world of golf which means taking in the rules and mannerisms of self control and respect for the beauty of the course and for the other players. Watching him, I began to question: What am I interested in that could compare? I began to think about the activities that bring me the most joy. Mothering tops that list for sure, but what do I do on my own with just me. Actually, who was "me" anymore? Does anyone else out there feel like you've lost yourself and who you really are? Life does that sometimes. I once heard it called "stuck in the middle of the muddle" a good description I think. Sometimes there is so much going on that we lose ourselves in it. So, after thinking for a bit, I realized that studying, and writing about my studies is my hobby. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I love to study the gospel. I used to spend about an hour a day reading and studying back when I only had one and two children. I loved it! Now I have four children and it seems that I am tired in the morning and at night. This has been my excuse for quite sometime now. Recently I re-watched a General Conference talk(General Conference is where members gather to hear encouragement and direction from leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. These talks are later printed for study and application in a magazine entitled "Ensign" or "Liahona") The talk that I was listening to was given by President Uchtdorf. He spoke of waiting on the road to Damascus for Jesus to appear as He did to Saul. I feel I have been waiting around for my testimony to grow, and my knowledge to increase without any real effort on my part. I don't want to wait around any longer. I begin this blog with a commitment to become and engaged disciple of Christ. I hope to share my experiences here on this blog. I do not do this to be boastful. I only share these things because an Apostle of the Lord has asked me to open my mouth and share. To use technology appropriately as a means of reaching out and touching another life. I do not know who will read this. All I know for certain is that if the Lord wants someone to read it He will lead them to the words written for them. May God grant me the courage to follow through with this endeavor. I close this post with a heart full of love. May this be a means of coming closer to Christ for someone-even if that someone is just me.


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