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"That Which Cannot Satisfy"

I have the great privilege of working with a group of young women ages 12-18 in my church. I have grown to love them dearly, and weekly enjoy their exuberant youthful-isms. A few of them have permitted me into their social circles of life as well. Technology is so liberating, I can attend lunchroom socials, fast food gatherings after a sporting event, concerts and bus rides without even going anywhere! It truly is amazing the many places I can go to with just the touch of a screen.  With this idea in mind, I began to look around at my group of girls. I could only imagine the places and events they attend. Due to my age and station in life, comparatively, I have only been permitted to just a few of these events with just a few of my girls. Still, there is a sense of joy of being accepted, even if by only a few. What fun things we get to do together.  Click... Virtual life over. I am back home now cooking and cleaning, taking care of children, running errands. Hmm...virtual life is much mo…