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Hopeful Tomorrows

Sometimes there are days when the most welcome sight is that of the setting of the sun. On these days, I generally offer a simple prayer of gratitude for the opportunity to start again tomorrow.
Good night today.........

When Heaven and Earth Align

As previously mentioned, I believe in magic. I also believe that when we recognize magic in our lives then we have seen the hand of God working in our favor. The tricky part is slowing down enough to make note of such times and to take what God intended from these moments and learn from them.
I am grateful to the Father for teaching me in ways that I best understand what is given.

From the very beginning, Father Adam was commanded to “call upon God in the name of the Son forevermore” (Moses 5:8).
Men and women of integrity, character, and purpose have ever recognized a power higher than themselves and have sought through prayer to be guided by such power. Such has it ever been. So shall it ever be.
Well might the younger generation ask, “But what about today? Does he still hear? Does he continue to answer?” To which I promptly reply: “There is no expiration date on the Lord’s injunction to pray. As we remember him, he will remember us.”President Thomas S. Monson

I have felt and …

Inspiration In Strange Places: Glimpses of Truth Within a Movie Review

I recently went to see the new Cinderella film that is now playing in theaters. I fell completely in love once more with this classic childhood fairytale. I have always loved and found quite relate-able the character of Cinderella. Being number one in the lineup of eight kids, naturally I had to help and work as a child, and as childhoods are meant to do, this helped mold me into who I am today. I may procrastinate starting a job, but I know how to work and I am grateful for that. Being part of a large family also gave me plenty of reasons to escape to the quiet of my bedroom where books and music became lifelong friends. I was a boring sister to my adventurous brothers. Now that we are grown they don't mind as much since I tend to be the one holding their children so that they may continue to play as adults.

Like Disney, why do we like to relive these age old tales? Because they have an effect on the human imagination and the characters in them generally possess desirable qualit…