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Cushion of Complacency

Articulation and the correct conveying of an idea is a skill that can be developed beyond the years of elementary learning. I enjoy practicing this skill. I know I could use the addition of some professional learning and critiquing but for my current situation(busy mother of four and wife of a golfer) I will have to be satisfied with the mere practice I receive writing on this blog.
There is a gentleman in my neighborhood that claims he is somewhat of a linguist. I don't know if he makes this claim with professional education and training or if, like me, he is a hobbyist. Either way he has made me more aware of the words I use in order to convey a meaning.
I live in a heavy populated area of Mormons. I recognize this as a blessing and as a cushion for complacency if I do not keep myself aware. (Side note:(permission to skip granted) I was going to say "this is a blessing and a curse" but thinking back to that idea of correctly conveying meaning, it's not really a …


"All learning leads to nothing unless it is centered on finding the roots of truth, which cannot be received without first becoming honest.
The only way to find truth is through uncompromising self-education toward self-honesty to see the original “real me,” the child of God, in its innocence and potential in contrast to the influence from the other part of me, “the flesh,” with its selfish desires and foolishness. Only in that state of pure honesty are we able to see truth in its complete dimension."
"Elder Enzio F. Busche" (author of "Yearning For The Living God" a fabulous life story and an excellent read!)

A recent conversation with a friend of another faith has been bothering me. She was telling me how her daughter was being shunned by another friend because she was hanging out with boys before she was 16. Now, knowing human nature and the follies of such nature, I am sure that this friend was not consciously shunning this girl because of an age res…