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Jesus Christ, My Foundation

This is a belated post. I wrote this April 20, 2014.
It is Easter Sunday and I am thinking about Jesus this morning in a brief quiet moment before the kids get up. At the Umbrell house we do the Easter basket thing on Saturday and the kids have always known that it is their parents that hide the baskets and all the goodies and eggs. Grammy and Grandpa joined us last night to watch the hunt. This little family tradition helps us focus only on the Savior on Easter Sunday. My kids have never believed in the Easter Bunny. To some, we might seem like terrible, un-child like, rude parents for never letting our kids believe in the Easter Bunny. I see nothing wrong with this child belief, it just wasn't for us. When my kids were really little but big enough to start to believe, I just couldn't put the two together-Bunny and Christ's resurrection. Even when I thought about Spring and renewal and re-birth, I just couldn't see where the Bunny fit. :) So, that is how our Saturda…