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A Hug

Good morning! My heart is so full this morning, I feel like giving the whole world a hug. A recent reunion with dearly loved friends has given me cause to think about my life and review how I have progressed individually along with the progression of my little family members that are growing day by day. Throughout my marriage there are a handful of people that have played a significant role in the life of my family. Their influence continues to shine as an example of good and righteous living. How I love each one of these special friends!
As one tiny insignificant person on this earth, I feel my circle of influence is small. But just as one tiny pebble can eventually ripple an entire smooth surface of water, so can one person influence untold numbers. Can I do it alone? No. One will make their mark, then others will carry it forward and so forth and so forth until is covers a great surface. As I reflect on what others have done for me, on what Jesus Christ has done for me, I feel th…