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"Them That Honour Me Will I Honour"

Remember that little pity party I threw myself here? Well, note to self: never murmur, and rejoice in all things....(grateful for another opportunity to learn)

“Them That Honour Me Will I Honour”
Stake Conference Jan. 2016

Recently I read the book Man's Search For Meaning, in it Dr. Viktor Frankl points out that life is not primarily a quest for pleasure, nor is it a quest for power, it is a quest for meaning. Having chosen to make his life's work in the field of psychology, Dr. Frankl was able to look deeper at his own experiences as a concentration camp prisoner and at prison life as a whole. Analyzing man and their responses to such terrible suffering, he questioned, under such excruciating circumstances not why so many died, but why anyone survived at all. In the end, he concluded that the survivors all had one common thread in their understanding: they had a tenacious belief that their suffering had meaning.
When I think of the word tenacious, a sense of holding fast to som…


Another 2016 New Year's Resolution for me. Not that I am generally a major complainer in life, I just feel like I have slipped into a bad habit the last year and half. Most of the complaining happens in my head, the rest is heard by my hubby and dearest non-judgmental friends. Since it's the year of the Book of Mormon in Sunday School, let's start there for examples and learning. (I have touched a little on this subject once before here. Like many aspects of life, we always need a little tune up. The longer I have this little blog, the more I like the fact that I can go back and re-learn what  have already learned. Oh the folly of human nature, we are forgetful students.)

1 Nephi 5- Sariah complains against Lehi(oh dear) Surprisingly this is not a marriage post, although it could easily be turned into one. This is a gratitude post because that is where my studying took me. In the first few chapters of Nephi, murmuring is clearly one of the lessons we are to learn -not- to …

The Prospects of a New Year

The word 'prospects' as a noun suggests to the mind some sort of promising future outlook. It is further clarified in the dictionary as: an apparent probability of advancement, success; something in the view as a source of profit; anticipation; expectation; a looking forward.
I generally look forward to the starting of a new year and its many prospects. Although, having ended the year 2014 in grief, I don't remember being to keen on the start of 2015. (I insert this detail in case any of you readers are feeling the same thing and not really looking forward to a new year. Grief is so very heavy and I am deeply sorry for your loss. I promise, with time, healing takes place and you will once again experience the joy of new beginnings. Give it time.) Having my heart somewhat healing, and recognizing all that I am blessed with, has renewed my enthusiasm for a new year and the many possible resolutions I can make.
Several months ago I began to feel like I had reached a crossroa…