The Prospects of a New Year


The word 'prospects' as a noun suggests to the mind some sort of promising future outlook. It is further clarified in the dictionary as: an apparent probability of advancement, success; something in the view as a source of profit; anticipation; expectation; a looking forward.
I generally look forward to the starting of a new year and its many prospects. Although, having ended the year 2014 in grief, I don't remember being to keen on the start of 2015. (I insert this detail in case any of you readers are feeling the same thing and not really looking forward to a new year. Grief is so very heavy and I am deeply sorry for your loss. I promise, with time, healing takes place and you will once again experience the joy of new beginnings. Give it time.) Having my heart somewhat healing, and recognizing all that I am blessed with, has renewed my enthusiasm for a new year and the many possible resolutions I can make.
Several months ago I began to feel like I had reached a crossroad in life. All my children are in school all day, a life milestone that caused both mourning and joy, so my days are now freer. While being available during the day if my kids should need something, and helping in their school is very important to me, I still felt lacking. I told my hubby we needed to have more babies, when that didn't happen, I decided to take my patriarchal blessing to the temple and study out what the Lord wanted me to do. My hubby and I talked about me possibly going back to school. Over the Christmas break we looked into Pathway. An LDS Church program designed to help people obtain an education online through BYUI. It just so happened that they had a Winter start semester and I could still apply and get on the waiting list. So we went forward. I was accepted into the program and have now begun a long slow road to a bachelors degree. I am excited and overwhelmed at the same time, but I look forward to this 2016 new year's resolution and all of its many prospects!


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