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Merry Christmas

Day 23 of My gift to Jesus:
I am grateful to have experienced and learned through the giving of this gift. I feel like I was more of the receiver from having done so. I saw things in a different light through this process. I looked at complete strangers with a Christlike love that did not come from me. It influenced all my interactions as I kept Christ at the forefront of my mind. A few days were missed, I regret to say, but even at the end of those missed days I still recounted the moments when something could have been said and resolved to do better the next day. For the most part, it became easier to talk of Him. Some promptings at times remained challenging. I hope as I continue to talk and testify of Christ more often, I will be a light to those that come within my circle of influence.
Christ lives, He is my anchor in this world of tumult. He is my sure foundation.
Merry Christmas

Day 2-An Unexpected View

I learned something from yesterday's experience. As I went through my day, naturally each person I encountered became a possibility for testifying to. Each interaction seemed to have more meaning to it as I prayed silently to know if they were the right person for the day. An unexpected softening of my heart was felt with each interaction and a new love was felt for that individual. I believe this new love was Christ's love, or as called in the scriptures, charity-the pure love of Christ. "...if a man be meek and lowly in heart, and confesses by the power of the Holy Ghost that Jesus is the Christ, he must needs have charity; for if he have not charity he is nothing; wherefore he must needs have charity." (Moroni 7:44) I learned that Charity in conjunction with the listening to Holy Spirit is essential in following this personal challenge.
When the Spirit whispered which individual it was to be that I should testify to the nerves were still there, but the words to spe…

Day 1-Definitely out of my Comfort Zone!!!!

My gift to Jesus, definitely a personal challenge. Day one, I woke and prayed to know when and who to testify to. Heavenly Father knows me well and prompted me to tell a friend. He was giving me baby steps to help me succeed in my endeavor.
My first thought was "why this friend, they already know about Jesus Christ?" As I continued to converse with this friend it was clear I was not to leave without saying something, so I did. I blundered through and did a terrible job! My heart was going to beat right out of my chest! My friend was kind and received the message as intended though and gave me a hug. Then we proceeded to converse about other things for quite some time and in the end my friend thanked me and was grateful for the opportunity to talk about some things that were personally challenging to them.
I left happy and uplifted by the conversation, a little chagrined for the nerves and the blundering, but extremely grateful to Heavenly Father for letting me be an instrume…

My Gift to Jesus

This is my family. They are growing up way too fast for my liking. We have a tradition every year, on the first Monday of December we talk about the gift from our Heavenly Father of our Savior that came to earth as a baby that special night so long ago. We decide what each of us can do for the month as a gift to Jesus. Then we write it down and place it in a box and it becomes the first present under our tree every year and it is the last one left when all the giving has been done.

Through the years I have enjoyed listening to my kids choose what they want to give. Some choose simple things that can easily be accomplished, like giving a hug everyday. Some like to choose a gift that is more challenging, such as reading the scriptures on their own. We are not perfect in our accomplishment of each gift every year, but with diligence I hope to encourage faith in Jesus and a love for Him that will lift and sustain them as they grow and encounter challenges.
For my gift this year I have chos…