Merry Christmas

Day 23 of My gift to Jesus:
I am grateful to have experienced and learned through the giving of this gift. I feel like I was more of the receiver from having done so. I saw things in a different light through this process. I looked at complete strangers with a Christlike love that did not come from me. It influenced all my interactions as I kept Christ at the forefront of my mind. A few days were missed, I regret to say, but even at the end of those missed days I still recounted the moments when something could have been said and resolved to do better the next day. For the most part, it became easier to talk of Him. Some promptings at times remained challenging. I hope as I continue to talk and testify of Christ more often, I will be a light to those that come within my circle of influence.
Christ lives, He is my anchor in this world of tumult. He is my sure foundation.
Merry Christmas


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