Day 1-Definitely out of my Comfort Zone!!!!

My gift to Jesus, definitely a personal challenge. Day one, I woke and prayed to know when and who to testify to. Heavenly Father knows me well and prompted me to tell a friend. He was giving me baby steps to help me succeed in my endeavor.
My first thought was "why this friend, they already know about Jesus Christ?" As I continued to converse with this friend it was clear I was not to leave without saying something, so I did. I blundered through and did a terrible job! My heart was going to beat right out of my chest! My friend was kind and received the message as intended though and gave me a hug. Then we proceeded to converse about other things for quite some time and in the end my friend thanked me and was grateful for the opportunity to talk about some things that were personally challenging to them.
I left happy and uplifted by the conversation, a little chagrined for the nerves and the blundering, but extremely grateful to Heavenly Father for letting me be an instrument in helping someone else.
This is definitely going to be challenging, however the rewards are wonderful to experience! I hope it will get easier and I hope and can do better at controlling my nerves so that my words are less hindered. I think it will. I've realized I definitely need to speak of Him more and really live my testimony. It is easy for me to do so at church and in my home with my kids. My circle of people to reach everyday is not very big. Relying on guidance from the Holy Spirit will be essential.
On to Day 2.........(self talk) "I can do this"


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