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The Cherry Blossom

A friend recently gave me a bracelet with a bead of the Cherry Blossom. Little did she know that this is one of my many favorites in life. I love the arrangement of the five almost white petals and the spray of dark pink emerging from the center. I love that they bloom on the branch of a tree and I love that it is a symbol of something deeper in the Asian cultures.

My interest in these naturally quiet cultures has only increased by having three kids in the Chinese program at our local elementary school.Here is a little more about the meaning of this cute little flower...
China considers the cherry blossom to be a representation of feminine beauty.
The Japanese see it as a representation of the beauty and fragility of life.The season of the cherry blossom corresponds to the calendar and fiscal years in Japan. This marks the start of new beginnings, like a pupil's first day in school or a person's first day at work. The intensity and liveliness of the cherry blossom gives w…