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Being a mother of teenagers, I am introduced to many things that I otherwise may not have found interesting, or on my own. One of which is music. My playlist is getting quite diverse since my daughter has learned that I have a weakness for good music. All she needs say is "Mom, I found this song, you should listen to it...and then buy it." She has learned that if the message is good, I generally don't hesitate to click the 'buy' button. Yesterday she introduced me to one such song.(see link below) 
I don't know the artist's reasoning and vision behind the lyrics, but I felt that it was singing about love, hope, and helping one another through the battles of life. In short, it sings of friendship.
Since I am limited in my talent abilities to sing, or create through works of art when I am inspired, I will take the feelings I felt while listening and try to convey those ideas into words.

Joseph Smith gave us a glimpse of his measure of friendship when he said,…

Stepping Into the Light

In the chapters of Ether, after having read and recorded great things that the Brother of Jared experienced, it would seem that Moroni was moved by the Spirit. He is taught and commanded of the Lord to write what he learns for the benefit of our day. In chapter 4 he pauses in his narrative account to teach us a little about faith in Jesus Christ and the veil of unbelief that hinders our learning from the Father. Verse 11 we are given a promise, "he who believes the word of the Lord, him will [the Lord] visit with manifestations of [His] Spirit." In the short video above, Elder Bednar speaks of the light of revelation. I like the imagery we are given as he explains the different ways we may receive revelation. As we pray to the Father, and come unto Him with a broken heart and a contrite spirit, we will not be held back from receiving the revelation we need to progress and move…

Fine Tuning a Listening Ear

The last chapter of 3 Nephi begins with the word hearken. In fact, several times throughout these last chapters of 3 Nephi, the people of our day are given warnings and told to hearken. Throughout the Book of Mormon we are called to attention with such words as hearken, listen, give heed, and behold. When we come across one of these words, it is wise to slow the pace and pay attention. Bishop H. David Burton spoke of hearkening to the word of the Lord in General Conference: "Perhaps the greatest obstacle to our ability to hearken courageously to the word of the Lord involves our egos, vain ambitions, and pride. It seems that the proud find it burdensome to hear and accept the instruction of God. We are told in Proverbs that “pride goeth before destruction” (Prov. 16:18)." 

I have been consistently, almost daily, reading the Book of Mormon for over a year now. I took part of a Relief Society challenge and read the entire Book of Mormon last fall, then I began the book again w…

"If we acknowledge Him now, He will lovingly acknowledge and gladly admit us then!”

I have come to the part in the Book of Mormon where a reversal of roles has taken place. Those people(the Lamanites) that had once been taught, now become the teachers. Many of the Nephites had become prideful and ignored their own prophets, so the Lord sent a Lamanite prophet, Samuel, to warn them to repent and prepare for the coming of the Lord. The Nephites didn't like what Samuel had to tell them. A miracle was brought about as Samuel was divinely protected from the arrows of the angry Nephites. In thinking about these chapters I am amazed at how a righteous people, in a matter of a few short years, had come to a wicked state as to seek the death of a servant and prophet of the Lord. How can we protect ourselves from falling prey to the destruction that comes when we are stuck in the pride cycle as described in the chapters of Helaman? One of Samuel's purposes of teaching the Nephites was to remind them of the coming of Christ. Why would teaching about the Savior, Jesus Ch…

Helaman's Stripling Warriors: A Lesson on Fatherhood

I am currently enrolled in a Book of Mormon class through BYU-I. We have reached the chapters of war found in Alma. I am usually inclined to rush through these chapters to get to what I previously believed to be, the more important or applicable accounts and teachings. Being forced to give these chapters of war greater thought and consideration, I found numerous applicable lessons and counsel that I had previously missed. With such great examples as Captain Moroni, Pahoran, Helaman and his young soldiers we can learn ways to stay safe and secure in our own personal battles against the powers of evil.
I would like to focus my writings today on the lesson taught in Alma 53. This is where we read of the people of Ammon who, back in Alma chapter 24, covenanted to never use weapons again to shed the blood of men. As war rages all around them, they have thus far been under the protection of the Nephites. Watching these good men labor on their behalf to keep them safe caused the men of Ammo…

2016 Goal in Progress: Replacing Complaining with Meekness

As mentioned before here, I have gone back to school. Diving back into education has been very rewarding. I absolutely love taking religious courses alongside secular courses. Last semester, as part of my religion class, I had to choose a Christlike attribute and consciously work on making that attribute part of who I am. In other words, I had to become something. This is my becoming story of meekness, but it is only the beginning of my journey. Elder Neal A. Maxwell has taught: “Meekness is one of those attributes acquired only by experience, some of it painful, for it is developed “according to the flesh.” (Alma 7:11-12) It is not an attribute achieved overnight, nor is it certified to in only one exam—but, rather, “in process of time.” (Moses 7:21, 68-69)"
I have learned much, and rejoice in the many experiences I have had. I know that even though the first semester has come to a close, and a new one has begun, this was only “one exam” and my journey will continue if I allow…

Swimming in Habits

I live in the little town of Uintah, which is bordered on the south and west by the Weber River. A few years ago we experienced higher temperatures in the spring which resulted in a spring melt in the mountains, causing high run off to the rivers. Our little portion of the Weber River became a fast flowing, large river in a hurry. Several homes were threatened as flooding became a problem. One man explained to me that the river was trying to flow its old course that it had hollowed out many, many years before when the town had fewer homes. The memory of this event came to mind as I was reading in the book "The Power of Habit". It states that "water is the most apt analogy for how a habit works. Water hollows out for itself a channel, which grows broader and deeper; and after having ceased to flow, it resumes, when it flows again, the path traced by itself before." Like a river flows unconsciously the course that it has set for itself, so do we, as we mindlessly fo…

"That Which Cannot Satisfy"

I have the great privilege of working with a group of young women ages 12-18 in my church. I have grown to love them dearly, and weekly enjoy their exuberant youthful-isms. A few of them have permitted me into their social circles of life as well. Technology is so liberating, I can attend lunchroom socials, fast food gatherings after a sporting event, concerts and bus rides without even going anywhere! It truly is amazing the many places I can go to with just the touch of a screen.  With this idea in mind, I began to look around at my group of girls. I could only imagine the places and events they attend. Due to my age and station in life, comparatively, I have only been permitted to just a few of these events with just a few of my girls. Still, there is a sense of joy of being accepted, even if by only a few. What fun things we get to do together.  Click... Virtual life over. I am back home now cooking and cleaning, taking care of children, running errands. Hmm...virtual life is much mo…

"Them That Honour Me Will I Honour"

Remember that little pity party I threw myself here? Well, note to self: never murmur, and rejoice in all things....(grateful for another opportunity to learn)

“Them That Honour Me Will I Honour”
Stake Conference Jan. 2016

Recently I read the book Man's Search For Meaning, in it Dr. Viktor Frankl points out that life is not primarily a quest for pleasure, nor is it a quest for power, it is a quest for meaning. Having chosen to make his life's work in the field of psychology, Dr. Frankl was able to look deeper at his own experiences as a concentration camp prisoner and at prison life as a whole. Analyzing man and their responses to such terrible suffering, he questioned, under such excruciating circumstances not why so many died, but why anyone survived at all. In the end, he concluded that the survivors all had one common thread in their understanding: they had a tenacious belief that their suffering had meaning.
When I think of the word tenacious, a sense of holding fast to som…


Another 2016 New Year's Resolution for me. Not that I am generally a major complainer in life, I just feel like I have slipped into a bad habit the last year and half. Most of the complaining happens in my head, the rest is heard by my hubby and dearest non-judgmental friends. Since it's the year of the Book of Mormon in Sunday School, let's start there for examples and learning. (I have touched a little on this subject once before here. Like many aspects of life, we always need a little tune up. The longer I have this little blog, the more I like the fact that I can go back and re-learn what  have already learned. Oh the folly of human nature, we are forgetful students.)

1 Nephi 5- Sariah complains against Lehi(oh dear) Surprisingly this is not a marriage post, although it could easily be turned into one. This is a gratitude post because that is where my studying took me. In the first few chapters of Nephi, murmuring is clearly one of the lessons we are to learn -not- to …

The Prospects of a New Year

The word 'prospects' as a noun suggests to the mind some sort of promising future outlook. It is further clarified in the dictionary as: an apparent probability of advancement, success; something in the view as a source of profit; anticipation; expectation; a looking forward.
I generally look forward to the starting of a new year and its many prospects. Although, having ended the year 2014 in grief, I don't remember being to keen on the start of 2015. (I insert this detail in case any of you readers are feeling the same thing and not really looking forward to a new year. Grief is so very heavy and I am deeply sorry for your loss. I promise, with time, healing takes place and you will once again experience the joy of new beginnings. Give it time.) Having my heart somewhat healing, and recognizing all that I am blessed with, has renewed my enthusiasm for a new year and the many possible resolutions I can make.
Several months ago I began to feel like I had reached a crossroa…