Cushion of Complacency

Articulation and the correct conveying of an idea is a skill that can be developed beyond the years of elementary learning. I enjoy practicing this skill. I know I could use the addition of some professional learning and critiquing but for my current situation(busy mother of four and wife of a golfer) I will have to be satisfied with the mere practice I receive writing on this blog.
There is a gentleman in my neighborhood that claims he is somewhat of a linguist. I don't know if he makes this claim with professional education and training or if, like me, he is a hobbyist. Either way he has made me more aware of the words I use in order to convey a meaning.
I live in a heavy populated area of Mormons. I recognize this as a blessing and as a cushion for complacency if I do not keep myself aware. (Side note:(permission to skip granted) I was going to say "this is a blessing and a curse" but thinking back to that idea of correctly conveying meaning, it's not really a curse. Could be to some, but to me, not truly a "forever your face is green" like from a witch's spell or a "my life is doomed always" sort of a curse) Getting back to my point, there are certain phrases that are commonly used among Mormons, one of which is "the Church is true".
Thinking more upon this phrase and the meaning it may convey to others who practice a different religion, I have come to like it less and less. This is where the "cushion of complacency" takes part, or rather where I want to make sure it doesn't take part. To sum up a Mormon's belief with the phrase "the Church is true" is a grossly inadequate statement which alienates all other religious people of different faiths. If one of these members of another faith were to join me the first Sunday of every month they would hear this repeated over and over again. What would they gain? Would they leave with a greater understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ as was upon the earth when He walked the earth? No.
This may seem like a heartless Mormon woman rant, it is not. I love the people I attend church with, and this is not the only way that many of them sum up their belief. They often add more(sometimes more than necessary) upon this phrase than I am giving credit to right now. I also know that church attendance is for imperfect people, such as myself and everyone else, to grow and learn and become something good and pure enough to return to our loving Father in Heaven.
This rant is not about changing other people. It is about what I have learned and why I want to be more aware of the words I speak. Especially now that so much emphasis is being place on Mormon members being missionaries.
I do not want to become complacent. Actually, let me rephrase. I want to be complacent(who doesn't want to be lazy at times) but I do not want to give offense to God by being complacent. "And herein do I exercise myself, to have always a conscience void of offense toward God, and toward men." (Acts 24:16)
When I am aware of my offenses to God then I can become aware of my offenses to others. I then have the desire to repent and be forgiven. When I feel the sweet feelings of forgiveness I feel good inside. I feel love from God and then I want to share that love, I don't want to offend others. I want others to know God and feel of His love towards all of his children. A loving Father in Heaven gave His Son Jesus Christ to all humankind to be a vessel in order to return to live with God forever. His life and His teachings are found in the Holy Scriptures.
What I claim and wish to convey is that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is an organized religion that practices the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ, as was upon the earth when He walked the earth. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the true gospel as was sent forth from a loving Father in Heaven years and years ago, to be a guide and a compass leading us back to Him. Jesus Christ died for all of us and indeed lives again. How do I know these things to be true? Simply put, I asked God.
The beauty of being human is the ability and innate desire for progression. All of what I have spoken of today can be dissected and added upon to form a number of sermons, but hopefully after reading this little sermon/rant today you will have a little bit better understanding of the meaning when a Mormon says "the Church is true". If you want to know more come join us in learning. We are not perfect, we will make mistakes and cause offense, but we are trying and learning to follow Jesus Christ.


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