To walk a peaceable walk with the children of men

Moroni 7:3-4
I have been pondering the manner and depth of my relationships on earth and my relationship with the heavens. My mind thinks a great deal many things in a day. Rarely are they ever uttered to another. I keep my thinkings mostly to myself for a few reasons. One, I do not know if my thinking is always correct. Two, I do not wish for it to be trampled on. I wonder if in doing so much keeping I am missing out on deeper, richer relationships. Then again, as I think back and I have never been the talking kind. I do not enjoy bantering conversation. I do not enjoy forcing my opinion onto others. I feel it is better to listen and learn from others and only give opinion when it is wanted. I feel like this is one way in which to walk peaceably with the children of men. To live in such a way is evidence of the hope by which is sufficient to enter into the rest of the Lord. I am a peaceable follower of Christ. The trick is remembering this in those moments when Satan has tricked me into believing that anger is the resolving solution to a short lived muddle moment.

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  1. I just discovered this today. I really enjoyed it. Keep writing Em. I love it!


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