Leaving Life to Happenstance

I love this picture, and as you can see, I love ladybugs. This love is newfound thanks to my two year olds fascination with them. The pictures on my last post was from our yard and I took them. This one is swiped from the web. I thought it was fitting for where my thoughts have taken me and the title of todays post. Poor ladybug, now he has to turn around and find a new path.
I'm reading on the Book of Mormon about the prophet Lehi and his family. Living in Jerusalem, Lehi preaches repentance to the people. The people are angry with Lehi. The Lord instructs Lehi to gather provisions and depart with his family. Lehi obeys, escaping any harm that may have come. The lesson-protection comes through obedience.
A journey begins for Lehi and his family. How did they know where to go? Like the ladybug in the picture, if they left life and their journey up to happenstance, where would they end up? Lehi sought in prayer the way for them to go. There are lessons all through out the scriptures if I look for them and how they can apply to me individually.
Lehi had sons, one of which was named Nephi. Having been uprooted from their home, some of Lehi's sons were not too happy about this new journey. Nephi decided to find out for himself if the things his father learned from the Lord are true. He prayed in faith and the the good Lord listened and answered his prayer. Nephi could continue the journey with faith, knowing it was the right path and that he would arrive at the correct destination.
How often do I leave my life to happenstance? Do I wake and take responsibility for the day? Do I really seek to follow what the Lord would have me do that day?
Children are gathering on my bed so I guess this is the end of my post for today.

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