A Proper Pruning

Well look at that! Six months have gone by and I have not written a thing on this blog. I feel like this barren tree. The mists of my life swirling all around me and not a word of it recorded or written down. I have been suppressing that little nagging voice in a few areas and it is time to listen. For me, nothing helps that little nagging voice speak louder than listening to General Conference for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I feel the Holy Ghost directing me personally as I listen to a living Prophet and living Apostles of Jesus Christ.
Allow me to relate my experience from attending this magnificent meeting to that of an orchard, or rather, a single tree in that orchard.
Would a hopeful and enthusiastic owner of an orchard leave his trees to grow at will, without any thought or effort placed in preparing them to meet the demands of pending elements? No, a wise owner of an orchard knows that without training and pruning, fruit trees will not develop proper shape and form. Properly trained and pruned trees will yield high quality fruit much earlier in their lives and live significantly longer. A primary objective of training and pruning is to develop a strong tree framework that will support fruit production. Improperly trained fruit trees generally have very upright branch angles, which result in serious limb breakage under a heavy fruit load. This significantly reduces the productivity of the tree and may greatly reduce tree life. Another goal of annual training and pruning is to remove dead, diseased, or broken limbs. Proper tree training opens up the tree canopy to maximize light penetration. Light penetration is essential for flower bud development and optimal fruit set, flavor, and quality. (How did I learn so much about pruning? I lived in peach tree city of Perry for 6 years! Just kidding, the Internet is so helpful)
In the end, it is the Lord that is the owner of the orchard and it was clear to me, through the Holy Ghost, which branches of my tree need pruning so that I may be a fruitful disciple of Christ, a more faithful servant, properly shaped and strengthened. Pruning the diseased or dead branches means getting rid of the habits, sins and activities that stunt my growth. In doing so, I will feel the light of The Lord helping and encouraging my growth and progress.
I have more to say concerning my thoughts and feelings throughout the sessions of conference, but I am tired and they will have to wait to be developed. This time I will be back before 6 months.


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