Recipe for "Getting out of a Slump"

Note to self:
Eating an entire bag of these, by myself, in a matter of a couple of days, will not pull me out of slump, nor will they make my skirt feel very comfortable around the waistline.
Thank goodness the Easter candy has been removed from my local grocery store shelves. (I cannot admit how many bags of these little bits of malty goodness I ate this season. I'm sure I have poisoned my body in some way)
What does this have to do with anything? Not much, however, as noted above, I have been in a slump and eating chocolate seemed like a good place to start before addressing any real issues :)
My pity party included a list of not so worthy "trials" (FYI, death and disease are among the list of worthy life trials)
Number 1: My kids are growing up way too fast for my "take life at a snails pace" liking and there are no more babies due to join the Umbrell house-sniffle sniffle.
Number 2: My house seems to always be in disarray. Who's bright idea was it to teach the kids to clean, I did a much better job when they used to nap!
Number 3: I am a homebody that lives in the car as a taxi driver and has rounder hips to prove it. Hmmm...
Number 4: Getting kids to "do" anything remotely responsible can be such an a-g-o-n-i-z-i-n-g process. it just me, or has the winter chill stuck around longer this year?
There is one more that has to do with the "men are from Mars and women are from Venus" sort of thing, but I vowed when I got married to never (for lack of a more creative word) "dis" on my hubby. Love you the mostest honey pie!
Not anything too awful really. Overall, I can see, my life is very blessed! So why the slump? Why the restlessness?
Please apply the prescribed meds as directed: Self evaluation, Repentance and heavenly inspired Redirection.
Self evaluation:
Being honest with myself and taking inventory of where I am slacking is different than berating myself for my faults and my failings. True self evaluation is done with the companionship of the Spirit and can be motivating and inspiring. (Matt 7:16-20)
Use of the Atonement does not mean I am a failure. Repenting is like going on a spiritual diet. One that releases the extra weight that drags my spirit down.
In conjunction with the Spirit, redirection of thoughts and actions will bring back the energizing and motivating light of hope for the future and with that hope will come a reconnecting faith in God and in His timing.
There is my homemade recipe for "getting out of a slump". The more in-depth details of this soul healing balm are completely different for each individual and can be as numerous as the amount of mini Robin Eggs I consumed this past Easter season.(which probably considerably added to my slump ;)
Wishing you all a "Happy Healing"


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