“Ye have choice”

1 Nephi 7:15

Finally Utah is getting some snow this winter! My kids are so excited to play in it. I am content just watching it out the window as it covers the earth.
Today's scripture 1 Nephi 7:15. Laman, Lemuel, their new sweethearts and a few others begin to rebel. They want to return home. Moment of honesty-can you really blame them? With the riches they gathered to persuade Laban it would seem that Lehi's family lived comfortably, for that time period. I like being born in this day and age where living is quite comfortable with its many conveniences. I might have "rebelled"/wanted to go back too. This is where faith and knowledge come in. Nephi had the faith to follow a prophet. This faith was then rewarded with a sure knowledge that the journey they were on was indeed inspired by the Lord.
Laman and those influenced by him were not captives on the journey toward the land of promise. Nephi answered their desire to return to Jerusalem by declaring a fundamental doctrine, “Ye have choice”. I never noticed those three little words in this scripture before. The little "if" before caused me to glide right over them. They spoke differently back then and I kept thinking there was a question in there somewhere.
President Thomas S. Monson stated, “Each of us has the responsibility to choose. You may ask, ‘Are decisions really that important?’ I say to you, decisions determine destiny."
(“Pathways to Perfection,” Ensign, May 2002, 100).
I love President Monson. I know he is God's mouthpiece for this day. Decisions determine destiny. Ye have choice.


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