Good Deeds

My father passed away several months ago. The details are lengthy and irrelevant to the message I wish to convey tonight. Suffice it to say, he was too young and so was I to say goodbye. My heart, having recently been opened once more, wishes to express a deeper gratitude for all the kind acts of service and love that have been given to me and my family.
Everyone experiences grief in diverse ways. For me, my senses seemed to go numb with the pain and loss. So many kind words and acts of love were given, while I appreciated every single one of them I just didn't quite grasp their full impact until now and I am overcome with gratitude, to the point of tears spilling over my heart is so full. Tears seem to be the byproduct of the numbness wearing off, but it's ok. They are less bitter when they are full of gratitude.
This is really just a reminder post to myself to never discount a good deed or kind word as naught. One never knows the after effects of a kind word or act. They will add up in the end though and the results will benefit the giver and the receiver in untold ways.

(Pretty much this entire blog is a reminder post to myself, I am a forgetful mortal and need to be taught over and over feels good to be teachable once more)


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