Fried Eggs

If someone asked me today what my favorite eggs are I would say fried eggs. This is what I was thinking about as I did the dishes tonight. (I am aware that I am strange)
After concluding to myself that fried eggs would definitely be my favorite (if by chance someone asked) I then began to question myself as to why they were my favorite. Conclusion: the pan and the spatula are easier to clean.
This strange self conversation led me ask other questions of myself and I came to realize it has been a while since I have gotten to know myself.
Proper attention, over the past 9 years, has been placed on raising our four small children. They are still very time consuming and busy, however, with the school year in session I have been given a two hour window every Thursday with which I can think to myself, pray and study the scriptures without interruption, clean and do laundry, or run errands in a speedy fashion. This little window of time in my week has become a journey in and of its self. I have gotten to know myself a little better, both the good and the bad. What surprised me about this journey was that I have found a friend in myself and I like her(most of the time). Another surprising discovery was the deep longing and desire for the Lord's stamp of approval on the life I am living and the manner in which I am living it. For the most part I knew what areas needed working on, but I wondered if I needed to do more. I wondered what it was that I could not see about myself. The answers to this prayer have been sweet and deeply personal.
There is a loving Heavenly Father that watches over us. I am His child. He will freely give His love if we but ask and and listen.


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