The Solidifying of a Testimony

I am playing the song "Praise to the Man" today at a baptism. I chose this song because all over the world primary children learned this hymn and sang it with power in their primary programs several months ago. My children love this hymn and sing it with gusto.
Several years ago at a child's baptism, my own testimony of the boy Joseph's experience in the Sacred Grove was solidified. To know that Joseph Smith was chosen by God to restore His gospel is fundamental in the building of a testimony. I hope that through song my testimony of this man will bring the spirit into the meeting to be felt by the children who have chosen to be baptized today.
Through all the persecution and ridicule that Joseph Smith received while on this earth, he remained true to his call from the Heavens. Today I echo the words of the hymn written in his honor and give "praise to the man that communed with Jehovah"!


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